Sadly, I have yet to find a good use for all the Counter-Strike I wasted my college years on. Tom up there is playing the equivalent of X-Wing vs TIE-Fighter, one of the greatest space flight sims of all time. I recently participated in a “30 Days of Gaming” stint on facebook, in which you answer a bunch of questions about your favorite “game this”, or “hero that”.

When asked which character I wish I could be, my answer was Maarek Stele, the little known name for the pilot you play as in TIE-Fighter. But really, that could go for ANYTHING Star Wars.

One of my greatest social experiences was playing Star Wars Galaxies, the MMO. The game itself was ‘meh’, but the character interaction was spot on. A player run economy, bars, harvesting. I barely ever left the bar I ran. I’ll probably go more into these games at some point, but suffice it to say that I’ve spent a lot of time in the cockpit of space fighters, frigates, and luxury yachts.

But not nearly as much time earning a degree. Whoops.