Manifest Destiny is a sci-fi comic written by Dan Stefanidis. It takes place in the indeterminate far flung future of our galaxy, and revolves around the adventures of Tom Cosmos and his ship, the Manifest Destiny.

Tom Cosmos



Tom is the Mail-Tech for the intergalactic megacorporation, Inter-Glom. He is usually found either in the mail room of the company headquarters, or out delivering packages to one of Inter-Glom’s many locations. While Tom is dedicated to his job, he is also dedicated to surviving his job.





A Cubean native to the war-torn planet Seear-3. Hux also works at Inter-Glom headquarters, and sometimes lends his expertise as a member of Tom’s Delivery Team. On the plus side, even with little living space, there’s always room for Hux.




Boss-Admiral Cruzer

Head of the 4th Joint Fleet of Inter-Glom, B.A. Cruzer oversees mainly the military operation side of Inter-Glom. Cruzer also handles delicate, high profile tasks which he assigns to Tom Cosmos, believing him to have a “robust, if as of yet untapped” skill set. Boss-Admiral Cruzer is such a workoholic he uses a Mk-1 TransBrain to work out of two offices at once.