Hello again, anyone who’s still got this thing in their RSS, or on some sort of bookmark!

It’s been a year since my last comic post, and for that I want to apologize right away. There are a number of wonderful people who’ve asked about Manifest Destiny, and I’ve been mostly silent about it’s status. That’s very unprofessional of me, and I’m sorry.

Last year this time, my wife and I were still without power from Hurricane  Superstorm Sandy, and our dog was feeling both the ill effects of hook-worm, and separation anxiety. It took a long time to get over BOTH of these things, and in February I started making the comic that appears today. But there was just one problem…

…I really hated this storyline. I had had big plans for it. I was going to wrap it up with a new venture for Tom and his crew. But I had once again gotten bogged down in something I may have planned out, but hated following through on. I decided to keep taking the break, and work on a much better return for the strip, but that never happened. I’ve got a sketch book full of neat ideas and things, but I didn’t want to just bail on Tom’s current arc, and it was difficult to see a way forward.

Then I started looking into buying a house, which is fun for five minutes, and then stressful for like 4 months. We did buy one though! And it’s great! And there’s a small yard for Atrus, our greyhound, and I gotta tell you things have been amazing. Also we are expecting a baby boy come this January! I’m thrilled!

Anyway bottom line: I love Manifest Destiny, and I love drawing. I’ve decided I am dumb for for trying to have the perfect strip up, so I am just getting in there and Fucking Doing It. Strips will come as I have time to do them! I’d love to do once a week at least until the baby gets here. I’m going to wrap up this arc and get to some of my other material. I’m also hoping to get the majority of MD into a physical book form, even if it’s just for my own bookshelf. I’ll keep you posted.