“This product hurts too much and should be removed from the NERF line immediately. It was a bad idea to make a gun that fires downed trees and telephone poles at 100mph a sec.”

The good news is, my family and I are all fine after the Hurricane, although my Grandmother’s home will be uninhabitable for 6-8 months. She lives a block off the water, so that’s not unexpected. She was only renting, but it’s still going to be a pain.

The bad news (I guess the OTHER bad news) is that I’m still without power, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to get anything substantial up here. For now, please take a look at my buddy Fox’s rendition of what life must be like now, in a post Sandy world:



It really brightened my day.

Last but far form now least, I hope all my of readers are doing ok, and my heart goes out to anyone coping with loss. Also, uh…lookout, I guess there’s a nor’easter coming?
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