Hooray for confusing space gyrations.

I’ll have to work on my space scenes…


More words on sunday, or perhaps later today. I’m cooking some thoughts on a number of topics, but one never knows what’s worth discussing in this geek rich culture. I mean, I could talk about Eddard Stark all day, but it’s hard to talk about how much I ove Game of Thrones without spoiling this season entirely.


Oh, I know. I freaking love the costume designs they have going on. They’re so intricate and amazing, yet at the same time so utterly believable. The girls dresses look handmade, and the metal(is it even real metal?) forged so well. It makes me wish HBO would hop on a great sci-fi epic next, and really do it justice. All the sci-fi shows out there still suffer from Pajama Pants syndrome, and I’d love to see some high quality threads and wall panels.