I’m hot on a replay of Mass Effect 2, this time playing as a Renegade FemShep. I tried so hard to make her Human¬†supremacist, but Mordin with his short lifespan, and hilarious comments, was too hard to keep off the team.

What I love about Mass Effect is how different two playthroughs can be for two different people. Fox, over at Sketched Comedy, was telling me how he played his Shep like a crazy Bond-Esque Infiltrator type. He was surprised to hear that my main Shephard was a Soldier using the Assault Rifle.  Somewhere out there is another player using a shotgun!

Another trailer went up from GamesCon this week, but it mostly just showed some fancy shootin’. I don’t need that, but I give them credit for showing gameplay, as opposed to 30 seconds of Corporate Logos, 5 seconds of words flashing, and another 30 seconds of logos with a release date.