This past weekend I was happy to see that Scott Cambell ( was going to be in my area for the Princeton Children’s Book Festival. When I got to his spot at the show,there were plenty of happy faced kids and parents already engrossed in his books. I’ve been really interested in his work lately. He hits this perfect combination of fine art and crazy character designs that look loose at first, but then reveal some great emotion and color work. I loved his designs on Psychonauts, and it was great to see him working on concept art again for the doublefine adventure.

I would have loved to stay longer, but I didn’t want to get in the way of those interested kids. In fact, a lot of nerdier artists and children’s books at the show were doing really well, it seemed. “Look, Dad! Zombies!” is probably not something I expected a kid to be screaming excitedly in my lifetime.

Even though I live equidistant from two of the biggest cities in the country, getting to the conventions held at them can be a real pain. Plus the price of admission + parking, all just to stare at more superhero stuff than I really care about isn’t really something I can justify. That said, I think I’ll head down to Bethesda, MD on Sunday for SPX.

The high concentration of creators and designers seems like a better way to spend my time!