Something happened last week while I was drawing the strip. It was one of those happy accidents where you unintentionally draw a character a different way and say “Hey, wait a minute, that looks good! Hrmmm…”, but then I looked at the clock and realized I didn’t have enough time to really flesh out the new design. I had to set it aside for later. Well, later never came. I’m getting married next month and there’s still a decent amount of shopping and preparing to do (i’m super excited). Then I have a vacation coming up soon after.

It’s been an amazing year making Manifest Destiny. I’ve been cutting my teeth on both comedy writing and drawing here, and it’s been incredibly valuable. That said, I feel like I haven’t been able to devote the amount of time I feel is¬†necessary¬†for each comic lately, and I certainly haven’t been able to get ahead in several months.

So for the sake of doing it right, I’m going to put Manifest Destiny aside for now. I want to work on those designs without having to meet scheduled updates. I also want to take everything I’ve learned this year and maybe focus it into a new project, or maybe take the strip in a fresh new direction. Or maybe as soon as I send this off I’ll suddenly be hit with a ton of new ideas for Tom and friends, and I want to really make each one of those COUNT. (edit: this has just happened). Either way, thanks to everyone for coming back all year. Sharing this has been amazing.

Check the blog area for updates (I don’t have a tumblr or a true deviantart account, so I’ll probably post sketches here in the Blog section)! BLORP!