My college and post college years were spent in good company, sitting around large dinner tables playing RIFTS. Sure, we played D&D, but we enjoyed clever descriptions, deep characters, and random generation tables more. And boy, did RIFTS: Space deliver the goods.

All told, I played in three different campaigns with three different GM’s (Game Masters), all adept at weaving a fine tale, while leaving us open to the joys of piracy, Cyber-Knighting, and psuedopods. About twice a year I start to get “the bug”. Ideas start seeping out of my brain, yearning for graph paper to gestate on. Planets, villains, space ships, space ship names, guns housed in cyborg limbs like robo-cop. And twists!

My latest concoction is a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Outlaw Star (elevator pitch!). But, as usual, my favorite companions for such an endeavor are out there living complicated lives, much like I am. I’m hopping Google+, with it’s new built in screen sharing, might be able to solve this. I’m slowly trying to figure out all the nooks and crannies of G+, and I’m seeing all the best parts of Google Wave. If I can just get some app support for it, I think I will be able to finally do this. Convince three people to connect to the internet for an hour and a half each week so I can unfold a tale that no other medium could provide.

If you’ve never looked into Palladium Book’s offerings, please do. They are cheaper BY FAR than D&D, yet the quality of the content is light-years ahead of Wizards. The hardest part is making a character. After that it’s all natural, baby.